Subject: V2 RC2 shows and uses wrong partition table entry
To: None <>
From: thilo <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/12/2004 21:07:23
Greetings folks,

I just build the wholes release on a 120Mhz box (about 56hours),

out of curiosity before installing(upgrading from 1.6.0) I
booted the GENERIC kernel  (only the kernel was new)

to see if it compiled ok.

After some small error messages (to be expected I assume),
it booted and started apache/squid/nfs/samba and others

however I do have two partitions on the first drive
wd0a & wd0c

but the new kernel treated wd0c like an mirror of wd0a.
disklabel actually showed they where in the same sectors....

before I had too much damage I booted my old kernel,
which shows the correct partitions again.

Q: Do I had that behaviour because I didn't use all of the V2 OS,
or might this be a bug ?

thanks thilo