Subject: Re: apcupsd-3.10.X, anyone got it working under NetBSD
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/10/2004 08:47:09
Brian Buhrow wrote:
> 	Hello.  I was wondering if anyone had ApcUpsd-3.10.x working under
> NetBSD.  Specifically, the USB features of the 3.10.X series?  
> 	The pkgsrc tree contains 3.8.6, but it looks like the USB stuff was
> introduced in 3.10.x.  
> 	I can probably compile it up and make it work, but if someone's
> already made it available, and if someone is working on a new package
> for the pkgsrc tree, that would be great.
> 	I've cc'd Emanuel Bouyer on this, in case he has any comments.

I looked at the USB support briefly. It's using Linux USB HID ioctls
to work, so it's not directly usable under NetBSD. Particularily,
it depends on being able to open one device and enumerate all report
IDs of that USB HID device. AFAICS there is no ioctl for this kind
of thing on NetBSD. So, unfortunately it's non-trivial to port the
USB stuff to NetBSD.
Jaromir Dolecek <>  
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