Subject: Wash and Go
To: None <>
From: Zafer Aydogan <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/2004 14:42:20
[followup: Thank you  Håvard & Magnus for bash helping.]

Dear Newsgroup,

I know this issue was mentioned a few times.
My Problem is, that the default key-bindings on NetBSD does not work with my
Keyboard at all.
I can't use PageUP PageDown, Pos1, or End, Insert or Delete from the
Key-Block. They all produce "~" a Tilde Sign. 
I know you can define Key-Binding in .profile but shouldn't this work
automatically. (I mean without setting thousands of key-binds).
That would be far more user-comfortable.
If you set up a new machine, you need hours and days until everything is a
bit workable.
I'm using Putty to access my Servers and TERM=xterm.
At least, I managed to get a bit color in my shell aswell, as I installed
"colorls". :)

The other Sideeffect is VI.
I can't remember which vi it was, but i can remember there where Line
I'd like to know on which Line Number I am. 
I need an easy Editor with comfort for productive working (Beside Joe) on
the shell. Any Recommandations ?

All this sums up to inproductivity at large. I need something like, set up
and go. (Like Plug and Play).

Regards, Zafer.