Subject: Re: default shell ?
To: Zafer Aydogan <>
From: Magnus Eriksson <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/2004 14:15:20
On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Zafer Aydogan wrote:

> is it possible to set the default shell to bash ?
> If I add new users they alway get csh with a weird prompt.

Sure. (assuming you're talking about using useradd(8).)

man useradd:
     -D      without any further options, -D will show the current defaults
             which will be used by the useradd utility.  Together with one of
             the options shown for the first version of the command, -D will
             set the default to be the new value. See usermgmt.conf(5) for
             more information.
     -s shell
             sets the default login shell for new users.

# useradd -D -s /usr/pkg/bin/bash

$ useradd -D
group           users
base_dir        /home
skel_dir        /etc/skel
shell           /usr/pkg/bin/bash
inactive        Null (unset)
expire          Null (unset)
range           1000..60000

(I faked the example, my default is already bash.)  :-)