Subject: Re: Narrowing a wide scsi bus
To: Chris Ross <>
From: Werner Backes <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/14/2004 22:18:14
Chris Ross wrote:

>   Yes, but that's a narrow controller.  If you have a wide
> controller, and a wide device, and put a narrow cable
> (perhaps requiring multiple wide-to-narrow adapters) in
> between them, I suspect it will fail.

I don't think so. If there is no wide cable between the device
and the controller, both will agree to do 8bit (narrow) transfers
only. The only problem I'm aware of is the problem with high byte
termination (as describe in Timo Schöler's mailing) but this only
can happen if you have a wide controller, wide cable, wide device
and then connect a narrow cable and further devices to the end of
the chain.