Subject: new Internet2 land-speed record (this time w/o NetBSD)
To: netbsd Current <>
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch=F6ler?= <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/2004 15:32:47
quoting slashdot: has a report of a new Internet2 land-speed record. The 
old record was nearly cut in half: the two parties, California 
Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the European Organization for 
Nuclear Research (CERN), 'transferred 859 gigabytes of data in less 
than 17 minutes.' InternetNews goes on to say, 'This record speed of 
6.63Gbps is equivalent to transferring a full-length DVD movie in four 
seconds.' Various scientific purposes were mentioned 'as well as 
commercial applications from entertainment to oil and gas exploration.' 
The article ended with hardware specs 'S2io's Xframe 10 GbE server 
adapter, Cisco 7600 Series Routers, Newisys 4300 servers using AMD 
Opteron processors, Itanium servers and the 64-bit version of Windows 
Server 2003.'

i guess we should watch out for two systems and contact some of the 
involved people to set it right ;)

mit vorzueglichster Hochachtung/best regards,

Timo Schoeler
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