Subject: checking out a different branch in /src
To: None <>
From: Louis Guillaume <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/31/2004 16:46:33

It seems that -current has gone beyond what NetBSD 2.0 will be. As much
as I'd like to keep building the default branch out of /src, I want to
start doing builds of the netbsd-2-0 branch to anticipate the upcoming
release. So I have a few questions...

. Is it ok to "downgrade" from -current (2.0G) to the netbsd-2-0 branch?
I suspect there are many things in -current that aren't in 2.0, like pf etc.

. How can I remove "future" parts of the distribution on an installed

. If I use the netbsd-2-0 branch, will this branch contain security
patches after the 2.0 release becomes official? i.e. - does this become
the 2-0-STABLE branch?

. Is the netbsd-2-0 branch the same as running 2.0_BETA?

Thanks very much in advance,