Subject: Re: Graphical Sysinst in 2.0
To: Greywolf <>
From: Wojciech Puchar <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/2004 23:26:22
> Well, we don't.  One of the things I like about NetBSD is that it has
> long resisted the temptation to dumb things down, like so many other
> arenae have done.  I have a problem that the dopes expect us to lower
> ourselves to their level.  My counterexpectation is for people to
> become educated, self- or otherwise.

unfortunately it's more and more in danger... it resisted for long.

will it resist still?

i wish yes...

> The setup of X for an installer at install time could prove hairy.
> Dead Rat 8 did it, and Mandrake did it, but I'm not really all that
> impressed.  It seemed way overblown, and much slower.

just good for people to which graphical installed, configs etc. are

Dead Rat, Mandrake etc. are available for download.

NOBODY forces anybody to use NetBSD