Subject: Re: F'up: /etc/rc.d/sendmail weirdness: more info
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/29/2004 13:06:57
In article <>, (Andrew Brown) writes:
> (1) just use makemap.  the extra @ @ entry may have bad side-effects.
> (2) this is sendmail 8.12.x, with the separated mta and submission
> instances.  be mindful of this and reread this paragraph from
> /usr/share/sendmail/README:
>       Notice: if you use an MSP (as it is default starting with
>       8.12), the MTA will only receive qualified addresses from the
>       MSP (as required by the RFCs).  Hence you need to add your
>       domain to class {G}.
> which translates to adding this line to your mc file:
>       GENERICS_DOMAIN(`$j')dnl
> or this line to your cf file (if you've lost your mc file):
>       C{G}$j

Don't lose your MC file: keep it in "/etc/mail". I think it's been
suggested, before, to install an "/etc/mail/Makefile" to make rebuilding
the databases and a no-brainer. Here's mine in it's entirety:

M4=	/usr/bin/m4

.PHONY: all

all: access.db aliases.db genericstable.db mailertable.db virtusertable.db

access.db: access
	makemap hash ${.ALLSRC} < ${.ALLSRC}

aliases.db: aliases

genericstable.db: genericstable
	makemap hash ${.ALLSRC} < ${.ALLSRC}

mailertable.db: mailertable
	makemap hash ${.ALLSRC} < ${.ALLSRC}

virtusertable.db: virtusertable
	makemap hash ${.ALLSRC} < ${.ALLSRC}
	cp -p
	${M4} ${.ALLSRC} >
	cp -p
	${M4} ${.ALLSRC} >

Season to taste. Note, you have to add

define(`_CF_DIR_', `/usr/share/sendmail/')

to the top of your MC file to permit it to build anywhere, as the
default is to take "_CF_DIR_" as the current working directory.