Subject: Status of IPF/IPNat on NetBSD/sparc64
To: NetBSD/sparc64 mailing list <>
From: Sean Davis <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/28/2004 15:29:36
What is the status of IPFilter/IPNat on NetBSD/sparc64 -current? ISTR
several people reporting panics, locks, etc with recent -current. I've
got an Ultra 1E model 170 with an extra SBus hme(4) NIC, and would
like to use it as a NAT gateway, but I am hesitant to switch from my
i386 NAT machine due to the problems I've read about.

Running 2.0_BETA is not an option at this point, as when I had that
installed on it (when I originally got the machine, that's what I
installed) I hit the sleep sleeps forever bug twice in as many weeks,
when I've only hit it once on my Ultra 5 (running current) in the
couple years I've had that machine now.

The Ultra 1 is quite stable running -current now, I've thrown
everything I could think of at it to load it / stress test it, aside
from trying IPF/IPNat since that would require me being ready to
switch over, having to call my ISP to change the MAC they allow, etc.
If ipf/ipnat are reliable on sparc64 now, I can configure that machine
as the NAT/firewall machine, and take a lot of work off of my main
workstation (the current NAT box).

Any input/feedback is appreciated.