Subject: Re: Problem booting netbsd
To: None <>
From: roberto <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/20/2004 09:31:45
sigsegv wrote:

> roberto wrote:
>>Date: 18 Aug 2004
>>I've the following motherboard VIA EPIA CL6000E, CPU 600MHz, 256 MB RAM.
>>I've downloaded NetBSO 2.0 - 200408130000 but I've a booting problem:
>> when
>>I try the 1st boot floppy I can see
>> "NetBSD/i386 ustarfs Primary Bootstrap"
>>for a 1/2 second then the PC reboots.
>>I've tried the other boot floppies but with no success.
>>Does anyone has the same problem?
> I think it could be the problem with the way the kernel was compiled,
> you can pass different -march=CPUTYPE, -mcpu=CPUTYPE options to the
> compiler:
> -march option is very CPU specific, i.e. if you pass -march=athlon-tbird
> then the generated code will only run on ADM Athlon Thunderbird CPUs.
> Run "man gcc" to find out all available options etc you can pass to
> compiler.
> -mcpu option will try to optimize for a specific CPU, but it will not
> generate any instructions that do not execute on i386 CPU, it's better
> to use -mcpu rather then -march if you're not sure which CPU model you
> have or if you want to run the same binary under differnt CPU models,
> i.e. i486 and pentium4
> you should download the sources and compile the kernel yourself and
> build a boot floppy, check out NetBSD website for documentation on how
> to do that

But seems a "boot" code related problem: it happen before the kernel code
is loaded into memory by the stage 2 boot code.
I can only see on the monitor:
 "NetBSD/i386 ustarfs Primary Bootstrap" when I use the floppy;
 "NetBSD/i386 ffsv1 Primary Bootstrap" when I use HD boot;
then the pc reboots.

At this stage only the bootstrap code is loaded and running: not the
kernel. I think it is not related to kernel nor the way it is compiled.
Are you agree?