Subject: Re: Vesa driver in XFree86 (was: Re: Xfree86 errors on 2.0)
To: Richard Rauch <>
From: davide <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/15/2004 08:50:31
Richard Rauch wrote:

>Depending on your CPU, 10fps may not be too bad at 1280x1024.  I get
>about 25fps at approximately that same resolution on my AMD64.
>The much higher rates were in the default window resolution.
>The color depth of your display may also affect it.  24-bit can be
>simpler (straight RGB with little or no dithering), but it can also
>be slower (3 bytes instead of 2, compared to 16-bit).  When you start
>X (assuming you do so manually) use "startx -- -depth 16" or
>"startx -- -depth 24" for comparison.
>NetBSD will be slow at OpenGL compared to FreeBSD and GNU/LINUX
>because DRI does not work on NetBSD.  (Not, at least, out of the
>box.  There are patches that some people have had success with.
>See tech-x11 on the NetBSD mail archives.  I have not attempted to
>patch my system for that.  Not yet, anyway.)
Now I understand better... I'll try out 16 and 24 bits
in X (I always used 16 anyway...).
But if you get 25 fps on AMD64, it is normal for me to get 10 fps
on a Duron 1.3GHz, I think...
Thank you!