Subject: None
To: None <>
From: scott allen sales <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/10/2004 10:20:05
Last 7 days to submit business proposals to 267 investors/buyers
on our list........

 (Out of a total of 4027 investors/buyers on our list.)

 All you need is a one paragraph introductory e-mail to
these investor/buyers to get the ball rolling.

We have a list of 4027 investors/buyers who invest in/
buy businesses/patents/patent pending/inventions !!
Price $55.00 .

Ellen Hill
Scott Allen Sales


1.   Money NEVER has to be paid back to investors
no matter what happens.

2.  It is never based on your personal credit.

3.  They never charge a fee.

4. If you are only seeking a business loan and
not investors , up to a 2 year grace period
before payments begin.

5. Decisions in 1 to 3 weeks.

Totally Confidential !!!

   We have a list of 4027+ very active investors/buyers .
You'll find each contact on our list has ALREADY
invested in/bought 2 or more  businesses/patents/
patent pendings/inventions !!!
in the last 27 months.
  That makes " all the difference " in getting
quickly.  These investors buyers have their check books
out and are investing in/buying businesses weekly.
   Our investors/buyers list costs $55.00.  All contact
on investors/buyers included along with their " private
e-mails "
so you can contact all of them in a matter of minutes.....
They want you to use these e-mails.  They are actively seeking
business proposals.
(One of the files we send you is set up to transmit your
business info to these contacts quickly.)
They are expecting you to e-mail them your business proposals.

  You have been previously sent 277 samples......

Ellen Hill

Scott Allen Sales
4511 Comly Street
Phila, Pa. 19135 U.S.A.

Quick action by investors/buyers if needed !!

Call us right now and get that business/patent/patent
pending/invention invested in/sold !!!

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