Subject: Status of firewire/usb support?
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Barry Bouwsma <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/01/2004 23:14:24
[keep replies on the list, not to me, to avoid bounces, thanks.
 I'll catch up later from the archives]

Hello, um...

A couple stupid questions, to see if what I'm observing is to be
expected.  Kernel built from sources mid-July-ish; ancient i386

How is the support for firewire-attached storage devices?  I'm
seeing nothing.  fwnode is found, but nothing gets attached to
it.  My kernel config has the sbpfoo and everything that as far
as I know is needed to make a disk show up.

(I can't provide a `dmesg' readily, since the alleged root filesystem
is supposed to be on the drive attached via firewire.  Also, FWIW,
the identical configuration works splendidly under FreeBSD, should
one want to steal^Wborrow that code.)

Also, are there known issues with USB devices attached to an
external hub?

The particular configuration works fine with my FreeBSD code,
where I have a USB1 hub attached to an OHCI internal hub, and
several devices to that, as well as another device connected
directly to the OHCI hub.  With NetBSD, everything connected
directly to the internal OHCI hub is seen (except for a USB2
hub, which manages to be used successfully as USB1 with
FreeBSD), but nothing connected to the external USB1 hub is

Again, as the root filesystem I wanted to use is on the drive
that I've connected to the USB1 hub, it's not seen, so I can't
readily provide a dmesg.

(My USB problem may also be OHCI-related, as earlier when I
built my root filesystem on the external drive, it had been
connected via EHCI successfully, and the internal UHCI controller
was able to see the connected external USB2 hub (as USB1), as
well as all the devices attached to the external hub.  Or it
could be the hardware -- different machines entirely.)

Anyway, I thought I'd ask about these issues.  I'd boot a
GENERIC kernel if I could, but the one I built panics with
this hardware promptly upon booting.  The machine is something
like ten years old now.  I did bring a firewire-only card (the
one I'm attempting to use is combo firewire/usb), so I might
think about swapping hardware to see if it makes a difference.

Of course, if there have been changes since 19.Jul or so,
sorry that I haven't built an up-to-date kernel yet with
them, and if this is true, ignore my queries.

barry bouwsma