Subject: Re: mozilla won't accept text input
To: <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/30/2004 22:53:45
Simon Burge writes:
- Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > - bingo!  Yes, I'm using twm - haven't gotten around to installing
- > - anything else.
- > 
- > 	Turn on DecorateTransients, and Mozilla and friends will
- > behave better..


- What effect does turning that on have with plain twm?

	Well, it allows me to enter text in the pop-ups, like
the HTTP Auth window, and the file selection window..  

	I still have problem with focus not quite following the
currently selected tab in the browser.. Notably, I usually have
to click into the current tab to get my keys to do anything in

	I run with focus follows pointer, which seems to be
strange to many GUI application developers these days..
(hmm, is it even possible to turn that off in TWM?)

Eric Schnoebelen
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