Subject: Re: firewire fw* and SCSI devices in current HOWTO?
To: None <>
From: KIYOHARA Takashi <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/22/2004 00:33:43
From: (Christos Zoulas)
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 23:05:57 GMT

> >I want to use firewire (4) of FreeBSD. It seems that it came to work by
> >i386. It seems that it works also by macppc. However, in alpha & cobalt,
> >it has checked falling. Please use, if it avoids.
> >
> Without having seen any of the FreeBSD code, I have to say that ours
> has been stagnant and orphaned for a long time. I think that you should
> send a mail message to core asking for what is the best action to take:

However, firewire is still under test. cobalt and alpha By work the DMA
It falls to ddb. I want to test also by sgimips and evbppc and prep.
Therefore, it already tests for a while.

Connect with a core team, if it already carries out for a while.
It does its best. ;-)