Subject: NetBSD/i386 BIOS Boot, Revision 3.1 Problems
To: None <>
From: Daniel Bolgheroni <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/2004 17:08:24

I'm trying to boot NetBSD (for installation of after installed) using
Revision 3.1 of NetBSD/i386 BIOS Boot, but I'm having problems on some
machines (e.g. ECS A900 desknote). 

I tried the latest snapshot but when I try to boot, the screen goes
black and the machine is rebooted.

I've updated to 2.0G from the latest sources from CVS, but I'm still
using Revision 2.13 (from 1.6.2).

Is this message more appropriate to port-i386? Should I send a PR?

Thank you.

| Daniel Bolgheroni <> |
|                  |