Subject: Re: Crossbuilding -current on alien OSen
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Barry Bouwsma <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/19/2004 21:37:51
[taken from the archives, so references lost, sorry]

More than a month ago, Matthias Scheler wrote:
> > I just thought I'd let you know that I've done a crossbuild of
> > NetBSD-current for i386 under FreeBSD4 i386, and it seems like
> > I needed to make a couple hacks to make the compiler happy.

> What compiler did you use? NetBSD's "" will build a complete
> toolchain including a compiler automatically. And that compiler will
> (or should at least) compile all sources.

This is what should have been used, if I remember.  It's possible,
now that I think about it, that I may have used a stale toolchain
from a previous invocation, but I'm pretty sure I started
with a clean empty object destination.

Anyway, as more than a month has elapsed, I'll be reverting my hacks
and trying it again with more up-to-date source to see how it goes,
making sure I start from nothingness.

> BTW: Please submit patches with "send-pr" instead of posting them to a
>     mailing list.

If those were real patches, sure.  Since my sparc crossbuild required
no source code hacks, I seriously doubt these hacks were needed (though
they shouldn't have broken anything).  I had recalled mention of newer
gcc being picky about such things in another freebsd-related mailing
list, if memory doesn't fail me.

If I still see problems in today's source, I'll report them, but I'm
sure the hacks I provided were merely workarounds for the compiler
used in crossbuilding.  Otherwise, you can ignore this and the previous
message, and please accept my apologies for not being able to track
developments in a timely manner.

barry bouwsma