Subject: Re: enhanced speedstep daemon
To: None <>
From: Staffan Thomen <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/17/2004 18:56:36
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On Fri, 16 Jul 2004 23:41:15 +0100 Ove Soerensen <>
> Hhi,
> Enhanced Speedstep support has been in -current for quite a while now,
> so it's about time we really start to take advantage of it. I have
> written a small daemon that controls the cpu-frequency depending on
> the workload of the system. It's really tiny but has plenty of options
> to make everybody happy. I've been using this on my laptop for some
> time and it really saved me some battery-hours (and lowered the
> temperature). NetBSD-hackers running -current on a laptop will
> probably find this useful as well, so i have made it available for
> download at:

I'm wondering about us with the "non-enhanced" speedstep, there seems
not to be any support for it? I understand this is a user-settable
setting, linux and windows have some software for it, but not us...

Having this in my machine, I wouldn't mind it.

Staffan Thomen

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