Subject: mktemp: ${DESTDIR}/usr/include/cdk : file or directory not found
To: None <>
From: Martin S. Weber <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/16/2004 12:20:32
Has someone seen something like the above (subject) when doing a
build to an empty destdir lately ? It somehow seems to do includes
before creating the directory ${DESTDIR}/usr/include/cdk, so it
fails when trying to nbinstall a*ahumcoughcough*alist.h (the first
header in lib/libcdk i.e. the first in dist/cdk/include). This
was observed on a sparc64 doing a -T /usr/tools -O /usr/obj -D /usr/dest -N 1 -x distribution
with mk.conf using cpuflags & setting TOOLDIR to /usr/tools only.

it happened in "includes" step in "lib/libcdk". Build log or further
excerpts can be provided if there's need..

A quick workaround was to create the directory by hand.

I don't have the cpu time handy atm for repeating that with current
sources, I've seen it on 2004-07-06 sources.