Subject: Re: voiceblaster
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/12/2004 15:33:50
On Dec 2,  4:25pm, "Charles M. Hannum" wrote:
} On Monday 12 July 2004 20:31, John Nemeth wrote:
} >      Last night I submitted PR kern/26258 to add the InnoMedia VOIP
} > Appliance aka Creative VoiceBlaster to usbdevs.  Could somebody make the
} > patch and request a pull-up, please?
} This does not seem terribly important, since it's just a string the kernel 
} outputs.  People put way too much stock in those strings, and it's a 
} maintenance hassle.  (Which is why I'm actively removing them from the PCMCIA 
} code.)

     Correct as far as it goes; but, this is only the first step.  I
have the device working under 1.5.x.  I'm currently working on trying
to get it to run under -current.  And, it is nice to know what you have
where, instead of just seeing messages of the form, "ugenN:  vendor X
device Y".

     BTW, has the removal of these strings been discussed anywhere?

}-- End of excerpt from "Charles M. Hannum"