Subject: Re: Build problem with "-j 2" in "src/usr.bin/ktruss"
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/10/2004 00:21:06
On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 10:07:34PM +0000, Matthias Scheler wrote:
> The reason is that it shares the dynamically
> generated source file "ioctl.c" with "src/usr.bin/kdump" but doesn't
> (reliably) wait until the file has really been created.

I don't understand the problem. There are two copies of the generated
file created, and both makefiles have theier own rules to do so.

Some path magic getting confused if the other generated file already
exists but then the local generated file is used? Did you try the .WAIT
and does it solve the problem?