Subject: Re: can't install current on epia m6000
To: Dick Davies <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/05/2004 22:09:24
> This appears to be the same issue I experienced with my epia 5000
> board as described in PR 26007.

If it is failing trying to output the first message, this can be verified....

IIRC all the output from boot2() goes through conputc() (in stand/lib/conio.S).
If the bios doesn't like the value of one of the registers when this is
called you will see the effects you get.

In fact initio() does two calls to conputc(), these will be the first BIOS
calls from 32bit mode that have the register fingerprint of the boot2 code.
The boot1 code, PXEboot and the 'old' bootcode all have a different
register fingerprint when making BIOS calls.

You should be able to ouput a string by repeated calls to conputc().

FWIW I actually suspect a BIOS bug.  If we can work out the bug, then
a work around is possible.

If the conputc() calls fail, my guess is that it doesn't like the bit
pattern in the upper 16bits of one of the general purpose registers.

Otherwise there might be a problem with the memory sizing functions.


David Laight: