Subject: can't install current on epia m6000
To: NetBSD Current <>
From: Dick Davies <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/05/2004 17:08:23
Has anyone installed current onto one of these lately?

I burnt an iso from netbsd-daily (27th of March 2004)
and tried to boot it, but the box reboots before loading the kernel
- the lcd i borrowed says 'out of range', then no signal.

Thought it might be a power thing (it's a cubid case so only kicks out
55W) so removed the wireless PCI card, no joy..

I was about to lynch the guy I got the laptop drive off, then try PXE,
but it boots Knoppix happily...

Do I need to frob anything in the BIOS (or dick about with the kernel)? 
Like I said, I'm not sure it's even getting as far as leaving the 
bootloader, to be honest....


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