Subject: sip(4) MII probe change made two weeks ago
To: None <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2004 14:25:12
Two weeks ago, I made a change to the way the sip(4) driver probes 
the MII for PHYs for just the SiS 900 ethernet, but not its 
predecessor the SiS 7016. The change was to always bitbang the MII 
instead of using the "enhanced PHY access" register because this is 
the only way the SiS 900 rev 1 core inside an SiS 960 super south 
bridge chip in a system I have could find any of the PHYs on the MII. 
I also removed the restriction which prevented probing of PHYs with 
addresses greater than zero.

I asked for a pullup to the NetBSD 2.0 branch, but put the request on 
hold when Quentin objected. What I want to know now is, for those of 
you who have an SiS 900 Ethernet driven by sip(4) and are running a 
current kernel compiled any time since I made the change, have you 
had any trouble with that driver finding its PHYs?

If I get nothing back from any of you in the next day or so, I'm 
going to ask Release Engineering to complete the pullup request. 
Please test!

	Erik <>