Subject: Re: constifying stdlib.h made building stable tools fail on current
To: None <>
From: Jukka Salmi <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2004 00:41:16
Christos Zoulas --> current-users (2004-05-24 17:12:54 +0000):
> I don't know. Providing backwards compatibility for something like this
> seems to require a lot of overhead. Why not upgrade to the current tools
> if you are going to be using current?

The machine I'm doing builds on runs current. I'd like to be able to
build NetBSD stable sources for some embedded systems (slow CPUs, no
writable storage...) on that current system.

Until stdlib.h revision 1.64 that could be done very easily: on my
build machine there was a current and a stable source tree, from which
I built current and stable tools, which I used to build current and
stable releases.

Right now (stdlib.h revision 1.66) building stable tools on a current
system fails because some prototypes in stdlib.h don't match the
stable sources anymore.

Couldn't this problem be avoided by having ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/include
searched for include files before /usr/include? I tried setting


in /etc/mk.conf; seems to work fine at first, but fails later in groff

/usr/src/include/stdlib.h:57: error: redeclaration of C++ built-in type `

Hmm... Any hints?


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