Subject: how to upgrade to 2.0_BETA from 1.6ZK
To: None <>
From: Shigeya Suzuki <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/15/2004 15:38:15

I got gcc configuration error while building 2.0 branch

Any steps I forgot?
Any solution? 


What I did:

I'm trying to migrate one of my sever from 1.6ZK to 2.0_BETA
and, probably, to 2.0 final.
(I mean, I'm trying to NOT use current for this server.)

Thus, I grabbed 2.0 branch via cvs, then took following steps:

1. with 1.6ZK kernel, build 2.0Beta kernel:
   cd /usr/src
   sh tools
   sh kernel=GENERIC
   make install


2. with the 2.0beta kernel,

   cd /usr/src
   sh distribution   

Then, on the gcc build, it says:

dependall ===> gcc
Configuring for a unknown-unknown-netbsd2.0. host.


checking for main in -lunwind... no
*** Configuration unknown-unknown-netbsd2.0. not supported
Configure in /usr/obj/tools/gcc/build/gcc failed, exiting.


this is very weird

I was using cvs'ed the 1.6ZK tree around March 7. I built binary on
other machine and installed kernel and binary distribution on that
machine. I don't have that 1.6ZK tree anymore..

Shigeya Suzuki
# very first post to current mailing list...