Subject: Re: MPACPI fix (for those who had trouble with it, urgent!)
To: None <>
From: Takayoshi Kochi <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/07/2004 01:46:03
Hi Alicia,

> > > On my ACPI laptop, I still get the exact same behavour that I had
> > > with earlier kernels.  Basically with MPACPI, if I still unable to
> > > use my laptop's PCMCIA slot.
> > MPACPI is for *multi-processor* based machines.
> > This time the changes of MPACPI have nothing to do with your PCMCIA.
> Hi Takayoshi:
> Are you sure about that?  "ioapic" requires either MPACPI or MPBIOS.
> And without ioapic, the NetBSD kernel is unable to get the proper
> interrupts for PCI devices, like the auich audio.  (And I need the
> auich audio to hear my MP3 tunes!)

Ah, I dug my old mail archive and found your mail (around last
December) containing dmesg, and yes, you have ioapic.
But I think it's pretty rare that a laptop uses ioapic even nowadays.

MPBIOS/MPACPI may be misnomer.

BTW, could you try disabling MPACPI/MPBIOS and enable all PCIBIOS_*

> > I heard many bad reputations about Interlink XP, especially
> > its brokenness of the BIOS.  Do you update the BIOS to the latest?
> Not yet, since I can't read Japanese, I will have to go the JVC-
> Victor Interlink website with babelfish to try to locate any newer
> BIOS downloads.

What I heard was old generation of Interlink XP (MP-XP7210 or something).
And your one seems a newer one, maybe better than that.
Sorry for scattering false rumors.

Takayoshi Kochi