Subject: Re: MPACPI fix (for those who had trouble with it, urgent!)
To: Takayoshi Kochi <>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/06/2004 11:33:22
> > On my ACPI laptop, I still get the exact same behavour that I had
> > with earlier kernels.  Basically with MPACPI, if I still unable to
> > use my laptop's PCMCIA slot.
> MPACPI is for *multi-processor* based machines.
> This time the changes of MPACPI have nothing to do with your PCMCIA.

Hi Takayoshi:

Are you sure about that?  "ioapic" requires either MPACPI or MPBIOS.
And without ioapic, the NetBSD kernel is unable to get the proper
interrupts for PCI devices, like the auich audio.  (And I need the
auich audio to hear my MP3 tunes!)

> I heard many bad reputations about Interlink XP, especially
> its brokenness of the BIOS.  Do you update the BIOS to the latest?

Not yet, since I can't read Japanese, I will have to go the JVC-
Victor Interlink website with babelfish to try to locate any newer
BIOS downloads.

However, under WinXP, my Interlink XP appears to be functioning
perfectly.  No hardware/BIOS bugs that I am aware of.

The only problems I have with my Interlink XP laptop under NetBSD,
is the lack of ACPI sleep/suspend (but this is common to all ACPI
only laptops), lack of cardbus/pcmcia support, lack of firewire
drive support (I don't get the fwnode or sbpscsi support although I
do get the fw interface), and lack of support for the internal 56kbps
model (athough it is likely a software winmodem).

Everything else: speedstep, acpi, USB2.0 (ehci), video (including
accelerated X), audio (auich), ethernet (fxp), etc. work great under
NetBSD-current.  And now that I replaced the useless Centrino Wi/Fi
mini-pci card with an Atheros card that now has useable workable
ath drivers, I now have working Wi/Fi under NetBSD.

> I don't think I have time to look into Interlink workarounds
> unless I buy the one.

Well, dispite all of my initial problems with NetBSD when I first
bought it, most of the hardware now works under NetBSD-current.  I
am very happy with my purchase, especially since it is still the
smallest ix86 laptop on the market now that Sony stopped their U

I would highly recommend other NetBSD users to buy one if they want
an extremely portable laptop that they can take anywhere.  My 900gram
laptop is so small and light, that I always carry it around with me
in my purse.  And its 1000MHz PentiumM CPU and XGA display make it
powerful enough for me to do my development on it.