Subject: Re: checkflist questions
To: Louis Guillaume <>
From: Ronald van der Pol <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/05/2004 12:06:06
On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 14:41:31 -0400, Louis  Guillaume wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> My procedure for dealing with checkflist errors is this...
> . When a "./ -u release" fails because of "files in DESTDIR but 
> not in flist," I simply go in to DESTDIR and remove these files then do 
> my build again.
> . When the problem is that "files are in flist but not in DESTDIR," I 
> usually wait a few hours and update the sources.
> This seems to work well because if there are "extra" files in DESTDIR, I 
> imagine they have been removed from the distribution and it is safe to 
> do so manually.
> If the files haven't arrived yet, but flist thinks they should be there, 
> it's a bad idea to trust that my distribution would be complete.
> Is there anything wrong with this logic?
> Is there a way to speed up a  second run of "./ -u release" 
> where the only reason the first run failed was because of flist problems?
> Any help would be great. Thank you,
> Louis

Sorry, no answer. Just a "me too". I struggle with checkflist too
frequently. Some advise would be very helpful.