Subject: 'make release' floppy issue on alpha
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Peter Eisch <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2004 17:11:34
What can I do to fix this?  Everything chugs along fine until:

copying image /usr/src/distrib/alpha/instkernel/ramdisk/ramdisk.fs into
done copying image
all ===> etc/alpha/instkernel/fdset
Copying /usr/peter/alpha/dest/usr/mdec/ustarboot to boot
Copying /usr/src/distrib/alpha/instkernel/instkernel/netbsd.gz to netbsd
Creating disk1of2 from: boot netbsd
Running instboot: /usr/peter/alpha/tools/bin/nbinstallboot -v -m alpha -t
raw -b 17 floppy.8548.tar /usr/peter/alpha/dest/usr/mdec/ustarboot
File system:         floppy.8548.tar
File system type:    raw (blocksize 8192, needswap 0)
Primary bootstrap:   /usr/peter/alpha/dest/usr/mdec/ustarboot
Bootstrap start sector:  17
Bootstrap sector count:  75
New boot block checksum: 0x5c
Writing bootstrap
Writing boot block Image is 45056 bytes (44 KB) too big to fit on 2 disks

*** Failed target:  disk1of2
*** Failed command: PAX=/usr/peter/alpha/tools/bin/nbpax sh
/usr/src/distrib/common/ -i
"/usr/peter/alpha/tools/bin/nbinstallboot -v -m alpha -t raw -b 17 @IMAGE@
/usr/peter/alpha/dest/usr/mdec/ustarboot" -m 2 -s of2 disk 2880 boot netbsd
*** Error code 1