Subject: RE: can't build current - gcc fails
To: Dick Davies <>
From: Lagno, DenisX <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/29/2004 18:18:00
> > > Is it worth having a sysctl in the bootstrap toolchain, if gcc
> > > depends on it so much?
> >=20
> > but if I understand correctly your problem is just new=20
> kernel and old userland. =20
> > Old kernel and old userland should suit fine.  No?
> Well yeah, but the general rule is to boot the new kernel then build
> userland under it, isn't it? If you try to get a new userland built
> under an old kernel, you often find there are syscalls that=20
> binaries use that aren't supported.

dunno.  I usually build sets.  Then boot into alternative root.  I have =
all my modified settings in a separate directory (outside /etc).  And I =
have my own small scripts..:)  I clean up system, unpack sets, and run =
script to restore settings.  Then I boot into updated system.