Subject: Re: can't build current - gcc fails
To: Lagno, DenisX <>
From: Dick Davies <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/29/2004 15:09:18
* Lagno, DenisX <> [0405 15:05]:
> > I've worked round this with a snapshot of base.tgz, pulled out
> > sysctl and a new libc for it (not my preferred option, hopefully
> > it'll be backwards compatible) and sysctl -a now returns useful
> > stuff. I'll have another go.... *very* glad I didn't try this
> > on my headless (+ no serial port) box now :)
> > Is it worth having a sysctl in the bootstrap toolchain, if gcc
> > depends on it so much?
> but if I understand correctly your problem is just new kernel and old userland.  
> Old kernel and old userland should suit fine.  No?

Well yeah, but the general rule is to boot the new kernel then build
userland under it, isn't it? If you try to get a new userland built
under an old kernel, you often find there are syscalls that binaries use
that aren't supported.

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