Subject: failed "config GENERIC" on my i386 p-2 machine :/
To: NetBSD-current-users <>
From: Sascha Retzki <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/2004 16:32:22
Hi list,

this happens on a fresh cvs checked out sys ( yesterday ):

# config GENERIC
../../../../opencrypto/files.opencrypto:10: syntax error
../../../../opencrypto/files.opencrypto:25: undefined attribute
../../../../netinet6/files/ipsec:3: syntax error
../../../../netinet6/files/ipsec:4: syntax error
../../../../conf/majors:12: syntax error
../../../../conf/files:209 & 270 : syntax error
../../../../conf/files:469, 474, 480, 485, 492: undefined attribute

device-major    crypto  char 160        crypto

netinet6/files does not exist

conf/files:209 + 270:
define scsi {[channel = -1]}: scsi_core
define wlan: arc4

conf/files:469, 474, 480, 485, 492
device an: arp, wlan, ifnet
device awi: arp, wlan, ifnet
device wi: arp, wlan, ifnet
device atw: arp, wlan,ifnet, smc93cx6

so many things with wlan and crypto ... 
a failing GENERIC is no good sign :)))


Sascha Retzki