Subject: OpenOffice (maybe off-topic)
To: None <>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/24/2004 02:15:38

I installed 1.1 from pkgsrc recently.  It runs fine for
displaying and printing things, and even for opening some documents
created with MSOffice.  All fine, except that it will refuse to input
accented letters.

By searching through Google, it seems that people on Linux could get
accents by changing locale environment variables.  I tried this on
NetBSD, but it had no effect other than showing the following message.

	I18N: Operating system doesn't support locale ""

The empty quote is probably a bad indication that OO is getting locale
information wrong (the message is printed by OO's  It
seems to me that is be some problem with our Linux emulation libraries.

I'd like to know if anyone is successfully using in
NetBSD with non-English langauages/character input.  If so, I would
greatly appreciate if {,s}he could tell us how to make it work.

By the way, how close are we from getting native OpenOffice (and Java)
for NetBSD?

Best regards,

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