Subject: Re: lkm versions
To: Love <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/2004 06:24:17
On Sep 9,  8:42am, Love wrote:
} (John Nemeth) writes:
} >      Yes, that is what is wrong:
} >
} > Apr 19 03:31:04 P4-3200GHz /netbsd: LKM 'vmmon': environment compile options mismatch - LKM '', kernel 'MULTIPROCESSOR'
} >
} > I already knew that.  The question is what needs to be changed in
} > the module to eliminate the mismatch.
} You need to add -DMULTIPROCESSOR=1 to C{,PP}FLAGS when building the lkm.

     Okay, that works, thanks.  It allowed the modules to be loaded.  I
saw a note from somebody else that said that vmware crashes -current,
and since the machine is busy compiling GNOME at the moment, I don't
want to risk crashing it.  Is there anything in the modules that should
be changed to make it work properly on a multi-processor system, or is
that handled by the stuff with which it is linked?

}-- End of excerpt from Love