Subject: RE: Chapter 8 security
To: Bob Nestor <>
From: Conrad T. Pino <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/2004 18:19:59
> From:
> My reason for asking about Chapter 8 here was to see if anyone has 
> addressed the requirements for NetBSD and has an approved plan in place 
> that they'd be willing to share.


> If people had some proposed or approved plans that they'd be willing to 
> share, possibly via the NetBSD Web-site, this would go a long way to 
> help promote the use of NetBSD, especially in secure environments.

Hi Bob,

I for one, would love to see the above happen.  I don't see home hackers,
small commercial users or ISPs doing classified work which eliminates the
lion's share of the NetBSD user base.

You might get lucky and a large commercial user might release their plan
to the public domain.  Now consider why they don't view your company as a
competitor and would give away a competitive advantage they bought on the
open market or paid employees to develop.

I'm not advocating against NetBSD.  It's my preferred *nix but I can't
use it everywhere.  Where I need high performance threading and/or
multi-processor support, I turn to Solaris Intel Edition.  Someday
NetBSD will catch up on the issues where I turn to Solaris and I hope
to help make that happen.

In this case, if a NetBSD Chapter 8 plan doesn't appear, consider
Trusted Solaris SPARC/Intel Editions:
it's not free but it's well known commercially.

Commercial shops don't qualify for regular Solaris Free Binary
License Program but you can for home or other non-commercial use.

> Thanks again,