Subject: accessing specific USB HID devices
To: None <>
From: Werner Backes <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/2004 21:18:17
I have a machine with 3 USB (HID) devices attached each with
various report IDs so I end up with >25 /dev/uhid* device nodes.
My question is: is there a way for an application to query which
uhid device node belongs to which physical device? Because this
mapping changes according to the sequence in which the devices
are plugged in, it is not very practicable for an application to
make this a command line option or so, because the only way to
find out which uhid-device is which it to look at the dmesg
output. I already read the uhidev and uhid man pages and look
through the sources but couldn't find a solution. Do I miss
something obvious here or is this just a feature lack in uhid?