Subject: Giving NetBSD 2.0 a go
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From: Miguel Mendez <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/2004 18:44:07
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I'd like to share my experience with NetBSD 2.0.

System: dual PIII, 384MiB, 2x9GB SCSI, 2x SCSI cdroms

Downloaded the 2004/03/31 boot-big floppy image and burned it to a cdrw.
Booted from it and started the install. The first attempt ended in an
unbootable system. However, as determined as I was to get the system
working I began to investigate. Apparently, the filesystem was corrupted
at some point during install. Booted again from the cd and ran fsck -fy.
*Lots* of errors, and I ended with a lost+found dir that contained every
file :? Ok, no biggie, forget about sysinst, let's do it the hard way.
Ran the surface test on the disk to make sure it wasn't a hardware prob.
Everything fine. Booted again from the cd again and dropped to shell.
Zeroed the beginning of the disk. fdisk'd and disklabeled. newfs'd and
ftp'd the tarballs (at this point I already had a local copy on another
box in the lan :)

Untarred the sets and umounted the filesystem. Now, WTF? Lots of errors
again. I didn't know what was going on. But I found a way. newfs'd again
and mounted *sync*. This time everything went fine. I'm still keeping /
as sync just in case :-)

Second step, configure swap on sd1 and setup RAIDframe. Move stuff to
the new /usr (dev/raid0a). Currently / is mounted sync and /usr is
mounted with softupdates. The last 24 hours the box has been building
the gnome 2.6.0 metapackage. So far everything works fine. I still don't
understand where the corruption comes from.

That's it for now, kudos for this great release! :)


	Miguel Mendez <>	
	PGP Key: 0xDC8514F1

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