Subject: Re: SMP vs ahc SCSI
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Peter Eisch <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/2004 15:22:31
> I'm seeing
> probe(ahc0:0:0:0): ahc0: no longer in timeout, status = 0

Hey, it's not just me then!

> Can anyone shed any light on what's going on here?  Is this a firmware bug?
> Bad interaction between ahc0 and SMP?  Something else?

I'm seeing this too.  My controller is the AIC-7880 though and mine is a HP
Vectra XW dual Ppro/200.

I actually just loaded this guy with a clean top-o-tree build from just
before the ipfilter changes (1.6ZL of 24 March) so I could capture a trace
of the issue.

I can build, prod and poke different builds quite easily if anyone has code
to test...