Subject: Re: forged bounces causing unsubscribes?
To: None <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/29/2004 16:29:41
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On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 10:58:12PM +0100, Florian St?hr wrote:
> Well, I was kicked off the mailing list because my mailserver refused lots
> of spam coming from the current-users list.

While it would be nice if this didn't cause unsubscriptions, you
really shouldn't ever bounce spam. It doesn't do any good: the
envelope sender isn't responsible for someone forging their email
address, if it's even a valid email address. Just drop it on the
floor instead.

More to the point, the unsubscription is a response, by the mailing
list software, to being overwhelmed by bad addresses, out of
office messages, and useless virus infection notices. There's no
functional difference between that and bounces from spam. So don't
send them.

gabriel rosenkoetter

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