Subject: Re: TCP/IP tuning
To: None <>
From: Thomas Miller <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/28/2004 12:57:19
Christian Biere <> wrote:

> You expect to serve you with 5 Mb/s? 

Well, I hear NetBSD is extremely fast. . . .  :-)  

> I'd think it throttles connections to a reasonable limit.

If it's not too impolite to discuss in public, what 
get limit, if any, is enforced on  

Can anyone suggest where I could connect to an ftp 
server that will for sure serve me a file at 5 Mbps 
if the connection will support that speed?  

My ISP is charging me extra to bump the speed of my 
connection from "up to 3" to "up to 5" Mbps.  But, 
assuming the speed reports from the NetBSD ftp client 
are an appropriate measure, I'm hardly ever getting 
files at over 3 Mbps, let alone 5.  Maybe I should 
donate the extra money to The NetBSD Foundation 
instead of paying it to my ISP?  

Kindest regards, 


> > P.S. I appreciate that 5,000,000 is not a power of 2, 
> > so maybe the connection speed should be expressed as 
> > 5 x 1,048,576.  
> 5 Mbps is really 5 million bits per second.
> -- 
> Christian
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