Subject: Re: is intel's speedstep supported?
To: None <>
From: Alexander Grigo <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/2004 17:09:13
>>Hi all,
>>I'm wondering what happened to the code providing an interface
>>for Intel's EST, posted some month ago on port-i386 (not sure about
>>the actual list...). This code (original file was named est.c) has
>>been integrated into the OpenBSD source tree for quite some time,
>>but I couldn't figure out whether or not this has found its way
>>to NetBSD as well.
>>Any comments regarding SpeedStep support welcome, since I'm
>>thinking about buying a Pentium-M laptop computer.....
> Yes, I think we'd like speedstep support.
> christos

I'm pretty sure that some people would like to have speedstep support.
But, as I mentioned there was a posting on port-i386 including
a whole set of patches. And it seems the went directly to the OpenBSD
source tree but for some reason not (at least not the posted files)
to NetBSD.... Why?

Best regards,