Subject: installkernel?
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/25/2004 13:24:53
I'm automating a build of a lot of software, one component of which is
all of netbsd.  I'm using of course, and can build a custom
kernel with
  ./ kernel=FOOBAR

After doing
  ./ distribution
I can do
  ./ install=/

But there does not seem to be a
  ./ installkernel=/

which does the equivalent of 'make install'.

Actually, I'd like to be able to install the new kernel to either
$DESTDIR or /, so I think relaly I would like

  ./ distributionkernel=FOOBAR

which installs the FOOBAR kernel into $DESTDIR/netbsd

and then

  ./ installkernel=/

which installs $DESTDIR/netbsd into /netbsd (and moving the old one to

Am I missing some easy and clean way to do this?  Is this a bad idea?

(I know I can cd into the compilation directory and run 'nbmake
install' to installkernel=FOOBAR=/, but that seems un-build-shy.)

        Greg Troxel <>