Subject: RE: Spam suggestion...
To: 'David Maxwell' <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/2004 08:56:47
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: > I'm told this won't work because lots of developers forge 
: mail to make 
: > it seem like they're sending from but through their own 
: > mail servers.
: > 
: > I confess I do this too but would be willing to give up this 
: > relatively minor luxury if it were to decrease the amount of spam 
: > flying around. However, not all developers feel this way.

SPF would work just fine if one sets up the SPF properly (i.e.
to allow from certain domains/IP ranges).

The real trick is that most sites as yet do not subscribe to SPF
or its workings.

: Spam often consists of forged mail. Eliminating 'proper' use 
: of forging, such as the justification you were given, would 
: not eliminate spam, but would force spammers to stop forging. 
: Until forging is stopped, the non-technical solutions to spam 
: cannot be applied, since the senders are intractably obfuscated.

Indeed; if SPF were suitably applied, the intractable obfuscation
would not match anything in the SPF once PTR/A/hostnames were properly
correlated/corroborated, and hence the spam would be unceremoniously
tossed. a perfect world.