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Date: 02/23/2004 07:59:51
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On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 11:39:33PM -0600, Richard Rauch wrote:
> Thoughts?

- This is wildly off-topic for the forum you've chosen. If you'd
like to address the relevant IETF working groups, I encourage you to
go do so.
- All of what you wrote there is an implementation, not an "idea".
The "idea" (which is not new) is to add authentication to SMTP. The
problem isn't figuring out how to do this technologically, but
getting the extremely large and commercial vendor-dependent user
base to accept the new way. It's not enough to get Sendmail,
Postfix, Qmail, and Exim to play nicely, you need Microsoft Exchange
to also do so AND you need to release patches for ALL existing SMTP
server implementation or convince those people to upgrade to the
fixed versions.
- Spam is a problem that, for the time being, is most functionally
fixed at reception (regardless of whether or not you think that is
appropriate, or you "should" have to do that). pkgsrc provides many
tools to do this. I recommend using both pkgsrc/mail/spamassassin
and pkgsrc/mail/spamprobe, discarding outright mail that the agree
is spam, and holding for review mail that only one or the other
thinks is spam.

gabriel rosenkoetter

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