Subject: install=/ renders system unusable
To: None <>
From: Adrian Kiess <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/20/2004 01:30:32

just wanted to drop a note to be carefull doing a install=/
right now. for me, it left me with an unusable system.

Shared object "" not found
*** Failed target:  installsets
*** Failed command: (cd /usr/src/distrib/sets &&
/usr/src/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-1.6ZK-i386/bin/nbmake INSTALLDIR=/ INSTAL                 
LSETS= installsets)

as you expect now i couldnt execute anything. 
i thus extracted base.tgz and etc.tgz from an 1.6.1 cd to /, but after
rebooting i just got the message that init failed and something like:
dumping dev 0,1 ... now it counts fromsomewhat 512 to zero.

if anyone can help me on this, i would be very happy.
good night for now.


Adrian Kiess <dac at conglom dash o dot org> -