Subject: Re: pagedeamon deadlocks anyone ?
To: Gilbert Fernandes <>
From: Bang Jun-Young <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/19/2004 18:46:04
Gilbert Fernandes wrote:
> using 1.6zj. i suffered a pagedaemon deadlock
> on the day i installed it while tar zxpf my
> local /usr/src. machine worked fine for a
> week and i just passed throught another
> pagedaemon deadlock while compiling open
> motif (er.. dont ask why huh. i just need
> motif for somethin').
> gonna compile a kernel with gdb on panic
> and check but i dont know what makes it
> happen. seems to happen after heavy
> memory/disk use like compiling plenty
> stuff.
> anyone got pagelocks recently ?

Are you using lfs? The deadlock occurred to me when I tried to extract a
very large tarball on a lfs volume. Kernels between 2/14 and yesterday
have the same problem. What's odd is, the same thing was okay with a ffs
(+softdep) partition.