Subject: Re: Version numbers and features :-)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/2004 20:18:43
> I'm loving this current version numbering: from 1.6Z to 1.6ZK and 
> onwards!
Each to their own.

> If we get to 1.6ZZ, will this be the first time we hit the third digit?
AFAIK yes, 1.3K, 1.4ZD, 1.5ZC

> Personally I think it's better to continue on like this if it's 
> necessary rather than to make an actual buggy release. :)
did somebody say it'll change?

> At the moment, the only thing that NetBSD needs to make it 
> feature-complete for me is:

> in the FS arena:
> .. growable/shrinkable volumes
well, there's freebsds growfs, but as you might guess,
it just can "grow size of an existing ufs file system"

> .. snapshotting
already there, see fss(4)

> .. XFS import
who needs XFS when there's FFS+softupdates :-)

> hardware DRI-style 3d acceleration (via emulated linux modules if 
> necessary)
some mails have been floating through tech-x11
but nothing happened so far

> .... and that's pretty much it. Everything else is either already there 
> or getting there. :-)
plz add them to ;-)

> Too cool.


PS: there's a typo in src/regress/lib/libpthread/cancel2/cancel2.c,
You shoukd -> You should, there's no RCSid too... IIRC
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