Subject: daily CVS update output
To: None <>
From: NetBSD source update <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/12/2004 05:32:46
Updating src tree:
P src/lib/libpthread_dbg/pthread_dbg.c
P src/share/mk/
P src/sys/arch/i386/i386/pmap.c
P src/sys/net80211/ieee80211_input.c
P src/sys/netinet6/ah_input.c
P src/sys/netinet6/esp_input.c
P src/sys/netinet6/in6_ifattach.c
P src/sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c
P src/sys/netinet6/ipcomp_input.c
P src/sys/netinet6/ipsec.c
P src/sys/netinet6/nd6.c
P src/sys/netinet6/nd6_nbr.c

Updating pkgsrc tree:
? pkgsrc/INDEX
U pkgsrc/audio/gmodplay/Makefile
U pkgsrc/audio/lame/Makefile
U pkgsrc/audio/lame/PLIST
U pkgsrc/audio/lame/
U pkgsrc/audio/libmikmod/Makefile
U pkgsrc/audio/libmikmod/
U pkgsrc/audio/nas/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/GConf2/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/gail/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/gail/
U pkgsrc/devel/glib2/Makefile
U pkgsrc/devel/glib2/
U pkgsrc/devel/tmake/PLIST
U pkgsrc/doc/CHANGES
U pkgsrc/doc/TODO
U pkgsrc/emulators/zsnes/distinfo
U pkgsrc/emulators/zsnes/patches/patch-ad
U pkgsrc/graphics/aalib/Makefile
U pkgsrc/graphics/imlib2/Makefile
U pkgsrc/graphics/imlib2/
U pkgsrc/graphics/imlib2/
U pkgsrc/graphics/lcms/
U pkgsrc/lang/guile/Makefile
U pkgsrc/lang/guile/
U pkgsrc/lang/ruby-base/MESSAGE
U pkgsrc/mail/clamav/Makefile
U pkgsrc/mail/clamav/PLIST
U pkgsrc/mail/clamav/distinfo
U pkgsrc/mail/clamav/patches/patch-aa
U pkgsrc/mail/clamav/patches/patch-ab
cvs server: warning: pkgsrc/mail/clamav/patches/patch-ac is not (any longer) pertinent
U pkgsrc/mail/clamav/patches/patch-ad
U pkgsrc/mail/mutt/Makefile
U pkgsrc/mail/mutt/distinfo
U pkgsrc/math/libffm/Makefile
U pkgsrc/math/libffm/
U pkgsrc/misc/gnuls/DESCR
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/DESCR is no longer in the repository
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/MESSAGE is no longer in the repository
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/Makefile is no longer in the repository
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/PLIST is no longer in the repository
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/distinfo is no longer in the repository
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/patches/patch-aa is no longer in the repository
cvs server: pkgsrc/misc/linuxls/patches/patch-ab is no longer in the repository
U pkgsrc/mk/AIX.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/BSDOS.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/Darwin.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/Darwin.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/FreeBSD.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/FreeBSD.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/IRIX.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/IRIX.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/Linux.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/Linux.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/NetBSD.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/NetBSD.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/OpenBSD.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/OpenBSD.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/SunOS.pkg.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/SunOS.x11.dist
U pkgsrc/mk/
U pkgsrc/multimedia/libdvdread/Makefile
U pkgsrc/multimedia/libdvdread/
U pkgsrc/net/mldonkey/Makefile
U pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_comp/Makefile
U pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_comp/files/
U pkgsrc/sysutils/gnome2-system-monitor/Makefile
U pkgsrc/textproc/gtk-doc/Makefile
U pkgsrc/textproc/gtk-doc/PLIST
U pkgsrc/textproc/gtk-doc/
U pkgsrc/textproc/gtk-doc/distinfo
U pkgsrc/textproc/ruby-rdtool/Makefile
U pkgsrc/www/apache/
U pkgsrc/www/awstats/PLIST
U pkgsrc/www/libghttp/Makefile
U pkgsrc/www/libghttp/
U pkgsrc/www/libgtkhtml/Makefile
U pkgsrc/x11/gnome-mag/Makefile

Updating xsrc tree:
Connection to closed by remote host.
cvs [checkout aborted]: received broken pipe signal

Killing core files:

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Thu Feb 12 04:20:58 2004
SUP Scan for current completed at Thu Feb 12 04:31:20 2004
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Thu Feb 12 04:31:20 2004
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Thu Feb 12 04:54:24 2004
SUP Scan for anoncvs starting at Thu Feb 12 04:54:24 2004
SUP Scan for anoncvs completed at Thu Feb 12 04:59:55 2004

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 srcmastr  netbsd  7558037 Feb 12 05:32 ls-lRA.gz